JEEP® OWNERS GROUP If your passion is Jeep®, then Jeep® Owners Group is a new point of reference for you. Created to promote, experience and share the many advantages and activities of the Jeep® brand, it gathers owners, fans and clubs dedicated to Jeep® vehicles altogether in one place.

Jeep® Owners Group is also a digital platform for registered users offering tools to enjoy the fascinating world of Jeep®: tell your story, find news and previews, meet the experts and take part in events. Besides, thanks to its interface with Mopar®, the site offers users direct access to a series of services devoted to the care and maintenance of Jeep® vehicles and the opportunity to take advantage of special offers on components and optional features and other Jeep® promotions.

You can find Jeep® Group on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google+.
CAMP JEEP® For sure if you drive a Jeep® vehicle, you can't miss Camp Jeep®.

From September 12th through 14th in Varano de’ Melegari , Parma, Italy, Jeep® models coming from all over Europe will gather together for three days of adventure, off-road fun and freedom. The Jeep® brand chose Monte Cappuccio, a place where everything is possible. Driving your vehicle on diverse terrain trails, enjoying a BBQ, camping under the stars, testing the off-road capabilities of Jeep® new models, meeting other Jeepers who share your passion: in short everything possible to make this Jeep® experience unforgettable.

Visit the website to sign up and get all the information.